Pull the "Go" lever

I pulled the big lever with both hands, yanking it down with all my might. With a whooshing sound, the infinite machine began to shake and rattle around. It was a very young infinite machine, never traveled before, and now, it was racing through time and space to a place very far away from home. It struck me then that I didnt know how to enter in the coordinates to where home was, I pushed that thought aside and tried to get to my feet, only to fall down again when the machine hit an especially big bounce.

Finally, after what seemed like hundreds of years, the machine stopped rattling around. I got to my feet gingerly, waiting for it to throw me down again. Nothing happened. I stood up and looked at the scanner, which showed the name of the planet and a quaint street covered in snow. The date, December 25th 1832, location, Earth, London. I didnt know much of what that meant, so I stepped outside, only to find that I ought to have grabbed a jacket.

I ducked back inside the machine (which had disguised itself as a wooden shed) to grab a jacket. Following the manual, I located the wardrobe, which somehow was already stocked with more clothes than anyone could possibly imagine. All in my size too, I noticed as I pulled down a warm coat. I tried it on, grabbed a scarf at random and wrapped it around my neck, and around, and around, and around. Satisfied with how warm I was going to be, I looked at my reflection in a mirror. It showed a small boy with dark hair and blue eyes, wearing a brown woolen coat and a long scarf, that still trailed on the ground. It must have been at least 12 feet long. I found a pair of warm looking boots and pulled them on too, then strode out into the bright morning sun of London, Earth in December 1832.

The End

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