Time, Space, Everything

All of time and space to choose from, everything that had ever happened or ever will. Where do you want to start?

I stood on the brink of everything. Behind a closed door, stood the universe, the whole of time and space. I smiled, I had escaped.

Okay, so, introductions as I start up this machine that controls the door. I dont have a name, at least, not one you'll be able to pronounce, so forget that. This particular adventure started about a year ago, when, during my initiation to school. I looked into the Tempered Schism, and if you know what that is, and you ought to, you brits, I dont need to explain myself further.

Anyway, after I looked through that gap in time and space, I ran. Ran so far and so hard, then ended up inside this machine. Well, I say ended up, more like, fell. I was hiding, leaned up against the door and toppled inside. I closed the door and locked it before I'd even thought about it.

"Let us in!" Shouted the voice of the President. Wow, the President had chased after me. Of course, I wasnt supposed to be in the growing space of the machines, they were specially grown ships, sometimes called the Infinite Machines. This one in particular was a type 40 of its kind, said so on the outside, which was a good deal smaller than the inside.

"You cant hide in there forever!" Said another voice, "Time to come out."Hide, forever, time. I turned towards the control panel. This was the first time I'd ever been inside an Infinite Machine, a manual sat in a special holding place, I opened it and saw that the largest lever was the one that sent the machine hurtling through time and space, all the other buttons were for setting the coordinates. Alternatively I could press the Randomize button and the machine would choose for me. I pressed the indicated button and the machine clicked and whirred around me. It was then that I noticed another entryway, across and to the right of the front door. Still the Officials on the other side of the locked front door hammered. I had three choices.

The End

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