Chapter 1: Future to Past

It will be about two societies, a medieval one and a highly advanced one. The highly advanced one it literally above the advanced one. They don't mingle and each have a valid reason; the medieval one is worried about being involved with all the downfalls and misuses of technology, and the advanced society is worried about being without medical advances and such. So each year a group from each goes to the other society for two months, but at different points in the year. A girl from the advanced

“Mom I’m scared, what if something happens?” I ask quite jittery with nerves.

              “Don’t worry Skye, everything will be fine babe.” My mom reassured me with her soothing voice petting my hair gently, “It’s only two months away from home you’ll do fine. Besides it will help you learn why we need technology.”


                “I know why we need it, so do I really have to go?” I asked I’d heard about the trip from others. People dies on it, maybe it was only two months, but people still had died. That or they had gone crazy and betrayed their families by leaving. Why would you choose to live there without technology? It was absolutely insane.

                 “Yes hon, you have to go. I promise you it will be fine though.” My mom said speaking softly to me.

               I nodded slowly,” How long until I have to go?” I asked but didn’t really want to hear the answer.


                 “Forty-five minutes, you should start saying your good byes.” Mom said and I knew she was on the verge of tears.


                      I threw my arms around my mom and clung to her tightly, “Mommy I love you.” I said sounding extremely childish for my age. My mother held me tightly in return as she began to cry along with me.


                       “I love you too babes, no matter what you do I will always love you.” Mom chocked out between sobs.

                         After a few minutes my mom and I broke apart wiping off our faces. We slowly walked out to were my father was with the other people, all of whom I cared about so much. It would be so hard to leave, even for only two months.


                           My father was the last to come up to me. He hugged me tightly, “That’s my brave girl. I know you will make us all proud Skye.” He whispered in my ear, the pride evident in his voice. It comforted me none the less.


                            I grabbed my small bag and got aboard the transport ship waiting to go down to the medieval kingdom. There were other teens there about my age, but I didn’t know any of them from around. So I just kinda skillfully avoided everyone else to get a seat in the back corner. I was so lost in thought that I hadn’t noticed we had left until we were already there. I slowly stepped off the ship and looked around.


“Welcome to the Kingdom of Basarta.”

The End

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