Up And RunningMature

And so Katy McBride became our bartender and cook. She didn't tolerate excessive profane language or men trying to proposition her which usually came to my attention for which I dealt with quickly. Unfortunately, Katy and Kitty didn't get along too well, Katy highly disapproving of Kitty's profession. But eventually they formed a "truce" because neither one was leaving. Kitty started coming downstairs generally dressed, and Katy realizing that she wasn't going to change Kitty's mind stopped telling her she was going to hell.

Montana and I had a talk with Katy later on telling her Kitty was doing the only thing she knew how to do, and that we were trying to make life for her here comfortable as possible. 

Katy told me that she understood this, and appreciated all our efforts but the fact that she had come so close to becoming like Kitty made her feel the way she did.

"When ever I see Kitty I see me, had that boy not taught me how to defend meself..." She would always stop, put her head down and cry. Slowly but surly our clientele began to increase. Gamblers learned that they could always get an honest game at Purgatory. As Emma always said,

"An honest game gets you a reputation...A dishonest one gets you dead."

Jake and Melonie were finally up and running with their clinic. Jokingly, I placed a sign in front of the clinic with a red star reading, "3rd Bn AID STATION Most of the day Jake worked as a teacher teaching Melonie such things as modern sanitation, proper cleaning of a wound. Proper sterilization, the danger of patent medicines (cocaine, lithium, and morphine.) Much of what Jake knew, he couldn't teach as the drugs and equipment just didn't exist.

The End

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