The Irish in AmericaMature

Well it's been a month now and the "bugs" have been more or less worked out. We had an Irish woman by the name of Katy McBride show up for the bartender and cook's job. Both Montana and I fell in love with her immediately. She had one of those bright Irish smiles and a sense of humor they are famous for. She was well built with fiery red hair, her Irish brogue was strong but not to the point you couldn't understand her. I suspected she had been in this country for quite awhile, a question she confirmed.

"Me husband and I came west where he up and joined the army. He served in the British army near on ten years in India and a couple in England. When he was discharged, he came to this country and enlisted in the army. Served in the Seventh Calvary he did, under Major Reno's command, but I'ma gettin' ahead o' meself. I came to this country by meself when I was sixteen. Men was atryin to poke me all the time but a fella I took a shinin' showed me how to use a knife and a gun. Got real handy wit 'em, yes, I certainly did. Well I hooked up wit a family acomin' west.Left 'em at Saint Louis, took a boat up the Missouri to Bismark. Got a job as a washerwoman at the fort where I met me husband, four months later he rode out and I never saw him again." Emma comforted her as one army widow to the another. After that I used to hear them discussing army life. We had her cook up some of her specialities. Potato soup, corned beef and cabbage Irish stew. I showed her how to make chili, as well as a bean and rice casserole, which she did a good job with.

Katy asked me one question before she would accept the position and that was our feelings toward the Irish.

"Katy," I said, I've always had a great admiration for the Irish. The Irish in America, they would make a massive contribution to this country many famous people would have an Irish surname." Among other things she was very sharp catching me.

"Sir why do ye speak in the third person like you know of things yet to happen?"


The End

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