Not Your Average Miss "Kitty"Mature

Early on, Montana and I agreed that the saloon would be a quality on. Plus I think that night we ate at "Saloon number 10." made a big impression on her as well. The girls she would hire would be "clean," and receive regular "check-up's." The liquor would be top quality, which is why  I brought around  $400.00 worth of Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker Red, Maker's Mark, and Wild Turkey. Beer and the cheaper whisky's were bought locally through a "Whisky drummer." We also stocked a small quantity of Coca-Cola and Bacardi rum. One day, Montana, Jake and Melonie drove up to Lead to see Dora DuFran to recruit, as well as to "inspect." They were gone for two days which made me start to worry. Emma and I had our hands full running the place by ourselves. One customer had a .45 pressed against his head for accusing Emma of cheating at cards. I relieved him of his pistol as well as a knife which I made clear was house policy. "Anyone causing trouble would be escorted outside and told to leave at the price of their weapon's.

When Jake and Montana returned, they brought with them "Kitty" O'Hara, and Ingrid Akerson Montana made it clear in no uncertain terms would I or Jake "sample" the wares. Both of us replied in no uncertain terms that we were NOT like that, and that the upstairs level would be strictly "off limits" to us unless there was an emergency. I told Montana and Emma that both women would be given due respect and treated properly and were welcome to sit at the employee table. This seemed to suit them,  surprised at my behavior.

Jake told me he walked Melonie through the procedure of inspecting for venereal diseases as well as inspections for other diseases such as TB, small pox, and other communicable diseases.

?The women thought it most unusual that a woman would do such work, but ended up liking the idea. I told them that once Melonie had more training, I'd send her up here on her own. Afterwards I asked Mel if this sort of thing bothered her, but surprisingly she said "No", she was becoming more at ease with all of it. 

The End

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