The Longbranch It Ain'tMature

The little store was still being finished up as everything went into the saloon. Purgatory was a two story building with the first floor extending out to accommodate the saloon. A large porch with a couple tables under it (a modern idea) Inside the saloon with the bar extending out equally from the middle of the room, with the stairs going upstairs at one end and a large pot bellied stove along with an "employee" table set back a little. Behind this was an office, a storage room then a small kitchen. We still had hardware to add, such as more ceiling lamps and spittoon's  I painted a wide yellow line in front of the employee table with instructions posted that the table was for saloon employees and invited guests only. Jake and I built the bar (after the carpenters had left, using power tools) It wasn't fancy but unique. I told Montana we would add to it later, but for right now we needed revenue coming in. Later, Jake and I would add a large ice cooler heavily insulated.

There were four bedrooms upstairs, along with a bathroom and tub room where the girls could bath. All the bedrooms faced the east opening into a narrow hallway ending at the stairway. Montana's bedroom was at the very end with Emma's next and tow more facing the hall. Montana was starting out with only two girls at first. Emma told her she didn't mind helping out but after Montana saw how good at cards she was, Emma was asked to deal cards for now. After telling Montana and Emma that female bartenders were common in my time she decided to hire one, as well as someone to cook and clean. For the time being, I would man the bar. When I went back home, I found a large mirror that ended up behind the bar. We also began an experiment offering free peanuts and small pieces of buffalo jerky we got from a man who was in the business of curing and selling it. After we opened, our customers were mainly people off the stage and the people who worked at the stage station. 


The End

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