Grand OpeningMature

Finally, Purgatory is open for business. Jake,Caleb, and I worked until dark getting the exterior painted, (with modern latex paint) Tan with brown trim. Making a quick trip back home, we picked up paint, primer as well as an air compressor and tanks of spray in insulation. After the carpenters quit for the day, Jake and I would spray the inside of the exterior walls with the insulation, which would expand and dry. We then would cover up our work with wood lath which would then get covered with plaster. By now, we were all living down at Purgatory in what are called "tent cabins. These were octagonal shaped wood decks with a waist high wall and a door and frame. Above this was a canvas tent supported by a frame. These could be built rather quickly, add a small stove, for heat and they could be rather "cozy."

We managed to get a couple short trips in for Mr. O'Rourke, without any problems. perhaps the "word" was getting around.

The clinic was finished, a two and a half room building. Two rooms painted white, one for four beds, the second room for examining people, and surgery work. Jake had placed two large mirrors fastened to the ceiling to reflect light from a candelabra he had the hardware store where we bought all our hardware from. He planned to have my sister locate an army surplus one from a field hospital and hook it to a generator at a later date. The third room was a small bedroom for Melonie, who claimed not to mind. Medicine and drugs were stored in a steel cabinet located in the room as well. When I returned home, I left Kathy with the weapons and confederate saddle with instructions to locate and order army surplus surgical tables and beds along with a desk and storage cabinets. She appeared to be doing her job for which I commended her. Now we were busy as ever.

The End

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