Progress All Over This PlaceMature

Two weeks have now gone by, Caleb has been coming back with all sorts of things for which Jake and I have warned him several times about stealing, but he insists everything he brings back has been thrown away. That young man has become a regular scrounger. Among other things he's bringing in lumber to build a small stable for him and our horses, although I've told him he'll be sleeping down at "Purgatory," which is the name we've decided to call the place we're building. He's managed to scrounge a couple more chairs and a small dresser which he gave to Emma. The women all love him, as he helps them when Jake or I can't. Emma purchased some McGuffey's readers, and has begun to teach the boy how to read and write, as well as math in the evenings.

The saloon is just about half finished, the exterior of the store is all done, the clinic has the walls up. Jake and I have been working on the out buildings while the carpenters concentrate on the saloon. Mr. O'Rourke informed us that two of his men were killed trying to deliver some gold, Mike Small being one of them. I told him once we got things in Purgatory finished up We would return.

Emma Carrington was now one of the family now, Montana and Melonie really taking to her. In the evening's when she wasn't working with Caleb, she and Melonie would read passages from such works as "Pride and Prejudice," and at my suggestion, some of Verne's works, From the Earth to the Moon, and "Robur the Conqueror." As they read, Jake or I would "Correct" Verne, as to what really happened, as far as spacecraft and airplanes.


The End

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