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The room I had in mind was just a little wider than the one we tore down so I called Jake on one of the long range radio's we had. He was right at the edge on the radio's range so I had to go outside,  and climb up a hill next to the cabin so he could hear me. asking if he could buy four two by four's and six, six foot four inch boards on his way home. We got most of the room up except for a big gap at one end, The door worked fine. Montana and Melonie would use this for their bedroom as it was a little larger. Jake and I would use  one of the other rooms while Emma would use the other. That evening, Jake and the ladies arrived home. Caleb and I carried the lumber Jake had bought in to the cabin and began to finish the room. We then moved in the two beds and dresser for Montana and Melonie.

Jake and the other women told me about the first day getting three foundations laid.

"Things should go a lot faster now," observed Jake. "These guys seem to know what they are doing." Emma then told me,

"Montana and Melonie have been telling me all about where you live, according to them it's this same cabin only different."

"That's right," I replied. "The professor had the cabin remodeled at least twice that I know of. I saw pictures of him standing in front of it in 1944 it looked different, it changed again by 2014."

"They said you have a sister who's helping, and that she's pretty wild?"  I grinned  and nodded,

"If you travel to our time you'll get to meet her, then you'll see why Jake and I don't think any thing about you're or Montana's behavior."

The End

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