Five Finger DiscountMature

While the ladies went with Jake down to our building site Caleb and I went on a   "requisition" mission. While we were on our was over to the cabin Caleb told me about, I asked him how he came about finding this place.

Mr. Kelly was drunk once and started hitting me real hard for not cleaning out a stall. I ran off and found this place." I stopped for a moment and put my hand on his shoulder and said.

"Son, nobody is going to lay a hand on you again." Caleb looked up at me and nodded. There were several shacks in the area some looked occupied others had people in and around them. These people really looked "hardscrabble," nothing like the people in 2014 crying poverty. The cabin was at the end of a rough looking street, thankfully, the occupants of the shacks didn't seem to be around. Entering the one Caleb had apparently slept in I found the room in question...Perfect. Just a simple "L" shaped room with a door. Caleb and I went to work tearing it out.

The wall wasn't nailed up very hard so in a little over an hour we had it completely torn off. When we were finished, Caleb ran off shouting that he would be right back. About fifteen minutes later, a wagon pulled up with Caleb sitting on the seat next to him. The man introduced himself as Dodson Jenks.

"I came out here to pan gold, which I do from time to time. Mostly I haul goods for other people. Equipment out to mine sites, freight once in a while. This young lad said you could use a wagon?" For five dollars, he hauled all the lumber over to our cabin. I told Mr. Jenks we might be able to use his help again.

"Well give me at least a day's notice, he said, you was lucky that I wasn't so busy today". 

The End

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