Three's CompanyMature

I asked Emma about her college experience,

"It was a small university near Jefferson Barracks which is where my husband served. They taught subjects a young refined woman should know. The classics, French, and Latin.

We also learned history, as well as advanced mathematics. They also taught a strange course on "Wifely duties." I chose not to take it, as did many, however a few that did complained that it danced around the subject of what goes on in the bedroom." She then began to laugh,

"I wonder what would have been said had I taught that class, I would have most certainly scandalized them all." Laughing, I replied,

"If you want to be truly scandalized, Emma, girls as young as eleven or twelve in my time know what goes on in a bedroom, society is obsessed with it." Emma did gasp at this revelation. After all the talk died down, Caleb came to me and asked if we were really from the future.  "we are Caleb, so don't you say anything to anyone, it's a big secret we are entrusting you with. If you're truly interested in visiting 2014 perhaps we'll take you, how would that be?" Caleb thought it might be fun but he needed to think about it first. I then asked Emma if she'd like to go.

"Perhaps, but for now, I'm going to be like Caleb and make a decision later."
"Well when your ready, just let me know, talk to Mel and Montana if you like then decide, One of the things Jake and I were going to have to do is add onto the bedrooms. The corner of the living room looked the perfect choice, it was something that needed addressing right away. As we were trying to figure the amount of lumber we'd need, Caleb said he knew of an abandoned shack we might find our lumber.

The End

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