Tales Worth Telling Part IIIMature

Emma continued to ask how all this was possible, while I told her I couldn't tell her.

"Professor Mellman was a physics professor who built the machine in secret," I explained.

"Obviously he stumbled on to something his colleagues had not. Now this machine only travels to 1876 and 1944 because that's the year of his birth. Now once we go back to 1876 the years can pass naturally. We can pass into 1877, 1878, and so forth,  I don't know if it can travel to other years separately, I haven't tried it, this is enough for me right now.

So there you have it Emma, Oh, one more thing, in our time women can vote hold public office own and run business's large and small, serve in the military, I'll show you some pictures of some women who were in our unit. They don't serve in front line combat units, but damn close. This is why Jake and I look at you and your situation in an entirely different light. As I've repeatedly told Montana, society doesn't ostracize women in your situation. Had you lived in our time, had your husband died, you would have received benefits. If you had decided to marry this other officer, so be it, or you could have gone out and found a job, eventually finding someone else and possibly marrying them...Or not. You would have been able to support yourself on your own." Of all that we told her, Emma found this aspect of life the most interesting, asking many questions. She, like Melonie and Montana quickly realized Jake and I were different, and viewed the world in a totally different light, winning her completely over. In the end, she began to cry hugging both of us and profusely thanking us for saving her life.  


The End

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