Tales Worth Telling Part IIMature

"Jake is not a full doctor but the medical skills he knows are miles ahead of what any doctor in this century does. Both of us have seen heavy combat, an intensity beyond anything any soldier now has had to face. As time goes on you will see some of the "tools" of our trade, war in the twenty-first century is way beyond how the Civil War was fought. We're here for several reasons, finding gold is one, meeting famous people is another, seeing what this country looked like when it was young is another. Come the turn of the century Emma the Indian wars will be over, the tribes tucked away in miserable reservations, and the west as you know it will be closed. For example, not long ago Jake and I were privileged to see an incredible herd of buffalo go by, we are the only ones of our century to witness such a thing. Finally I happen to be a big Civil War buff, I've walked some of the old battlefields back east, Gettysburg, Bull Run, Antietam, and Cold Harbor. They, along with many others are national shrines. The sacrifices your fathers made have not gone unnoticed. Well I'm starting to ramble, now it's your turn to ask questions." Emma looked stunned as she asked Montana and Melonie about what they had seen.

"We walked the streets of Deadwood," replied Melonie,

"He's right, everything has changed. The streets are all paved, some are bricked, much of the old sections have burned over the years, the buildings are more colorful and permanent. People ride around in horseless carriages and they use harnessed lightening

to power their homes and business's. Montana confirmed all that Mel had said.

"Both of us were simply astounded, they have even traveled to the moon and back."    

The End

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