Tale's Worth TellingMature

Caleb was getting ready to go to his tent when I said,

"Why don't you stick around son, this concerns you as well, it's that story I promised I would tell you. Pull up a seat and listen." Montana and Melonie went on to tell Emma everything I was about to tell her was the truth, and that they have been and seen.

"Well Emma, for starters, Jake and I are from the future, the machine that brought us here is located in an old mine tunnel just past that large security door on the back wall over there.

We come from the year 2014, one hundred and thirty-eight years into the future, it's a future beyond belief. That's not to say we don't have problems, in some respects, we've got more than this country has now. Montana and Melonie have been there and have seen modern Deadwood. As far as live goes in 2014, there are no reference points to this time, everything is gone. As far as Jake and I go, we've read the book and know the rest of the story. I'll give you a little example. You say your husband was a captain in the army?" Emma nodded.

"History as it's being taught in my time doesn't paint a very pretty picture of the way this country dealt with the Indians. Genocide is a word often used, the complete destruction of a race of people. A man in Germany conquered all of Europe in the latter part of the twentieth century tried to eliminate the Jewish people, untold millions died, however he didn't succeed, only getting Germany destroyed in the process.

As you know, my name is Mark Channing, I live in Kalamazoo Michigan Jake over there comes from Stroudsburg Virginia. I'm recently discharged from the United States marine corps. Jake served as a medic or corpsman as they are known in the marines.  

The End

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