A Woman's IntuitionMature

Back at the cabin I told the women that I was surprised that they accepted Emma, as well as making her a partner.

"What?" began Montana, "Do you think Melonie and I just let our emotions rule us...Ha! Admittedly at first we thought you chose her strictly for her beauty but once we got talking to her that she revealed the rest. Melonie than spoke up.

"Were you aware she attended a small woman's college just outside St. Louis? Emma told us that while attending a Cotillion she met and fell in love with a young captain from Jefferson Barracks. Before long they were married. She claims the marriage was a happy one until he was killed. You and Jake know the rest." Montana then said,

"That poor woman has been through hell, and I thought I had it bad. She barred her soul to us most of which we cannot tell you. Needless to say, Melonie and I were quite impressed. She's got a good business sense, an excellent card player, very well read. We now realize that you two chose her strictly on those attributes alone we apologize for doubting you men that is why we feel that she should be told of our secret."

The next two days were spent finalizing the wood and hardware delivery making a trip down to Cheyenne Crossing Jake thought Emma was well enough to travel so we brought her to the cabin and put her up in one of the rooms while Montana and Melonie agreed to bunk together. After supper we all sat at the kitchen table, where I addressed Emma.

"Prepare to make a leap of faith Emma, for I've got a story for you."

Montana and Melonie then told her that everything I was about to tell her was the god's honest truth.

The End

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