Off The HookMature

The defense of Emma continued into the bedroom as I told Montana.

"I really this whole thing is about trust, you and Mel are worried that Jake and I are going to break the trust each of you expect out of us, believe me Montana, it hasn't nor will it be broken. I've no doubt it won't be long before Emma finds someone of her own. I think she's too good to be just a common whore."

"You never told us if she knows about your secret."

"All she knows is that Jake and I have one, same deal I made with Caleb, if she's as smart as I think she is, she'll figure things out."

The next day, we drove over to Lead, taking Mel and Montana up to Emma's room I made the introductions. Jake and I left them with a bottle of wine and three glasses.

"We'll be back later, you ladies get to know each other." With that, Jake, Caleb and I went to pay for the lumber and nails and discuss the design with the carpenters. After that, it was over to Mr. O'Rourke's  to talk about any upcoming jobs. the back to the hotel.

As we quietly approached Emma's room, we heard laughing coming from the room.

"Do you suppose Montana and Mel have killed Emma and are laughing about it?" asked Jake.

"Well there's only one way to find out," I replied. Knocking on the door, Mel called out,

"Come in."

Entering, we found each woman with a glass of wine and smiling.

"Well?" I asked. The women laughed.

"Shall we let them off the hook" giggled Melonie.

"I suppose," replied Montana. " We've  spent the day chatting, you two have told us the truth, not that we doubted you but sometimes it doesn't hurt to verify things. Melonie and I have talked things over with Emma here and we've decided to make Emma a full partner. Both Melonie and I like her, your right, she is a lot like me.  When she's able to get around we are going to sit down at the cabin and reveal to her our secret." 

The End

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