Great ExplanationsMature

Back at the cabin, I called a "meeting."

"Ladies Jake and I want to talk to you both about something that happened on the trail. I want you to hear the whole thing before you comment." Jake and I then recounted the events at Lusk, leaving out no detail After Emma's name came up both we started getting glares from both women. Finally I finished, still getting sour looks.

"So this Emma is over at the hotel in Lead," asked Montana. I nodded,

"She is." Melonie then retrieved a small bible she carried and made me place my hand in it.

"Do you swear under oath you are telling the truth?" she asked. Without hesitation I replied,

"I do" Jake underwent the same treatment, Melonie then said to Montana.

"I'm inclined to believe them Montana," she said.

"We want you two to go with us tomorrow and simply talk to Emma," I said. She's a lot like you Montana, maybe you won't like her because of that, but just talk to her, you too Mel."
"Look," added Jake.
"We like Emma, she's a strong woman, I don't know, maybe it's because we're so used to them in our own time. Melonie, I am still very much in love with you, I certainly have no plans of deserting you for her. Montana, the same goes for Mark. Back at Fort Laramie we talked about our feelings for each of you, believe me they haven't changed.
"Why are you doing all of this for her?" asked Montana.
"For the same reason we helped you two," I replied, "You of all people understand the raw deal women get as far as opportunities go, that's not the case in our time. Emma's hit rock bottom, we are only reaching out to give her a helping hand."

The End

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