Back in LeadMature

We reached Lead late in the afternoon, Mr. O'Rourke was overjoyed that we had managed to get through as he paid us off. I told him that if this was going to be a regular thing what he needed was a "War Wagon." Asked what that was I described the vehicle I remember seeing in a John Wayne flick of the same name.

"It's a heavy duty freight wagon built up in the back the driver is also protected having only a narrow window to see from the reigns would fit through a narrow slot below. the whole affair would be armored with plate steel strong enough to deflect a .50 caliber Sharps. On the roof there would be a revolving turret just like on the ironclad Monitor. Inside the turret would be a Gatling gun. I guarantee when a gang starts getting one of those firing on them they will think twice about attacking. Naturally you would have several outriders as well." I was surprised when Mr. O'Rourke liked the idea, but wasn't sure he could get his hands on a Gatling gun.

"Actually," I replied, the whole affair is merely a built up freight wagon sheathed in plate iron or steel. You could also bolt a large strongbox to the floor to secure gold or money in. If you didn't want a turret, small gun ports along each side and the rear men could fire rifles from. However you would have to have some way to ventilate all that gunsmoke out of the interior."

Despite the ride Emma was feeling much better so Jake and I decided a meeting with Montana and Melonie was in order. We both dreaded it, but the whole thing was inevitable.   

The End

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