The Wages Of SinMature

I packed up and climbed back down the bluff, back to my horse. The outlaws were all dead, Mike thanking me for taking most of them out. I pointed out the man I thought had been their leader. Mike and the other's took a good look but couldn't identify him.

"Just another idiot who got gold fever," I remarked, "And paid for it with his life. No one else seemed to be going through the men's pockets so I did, finding two nice jack knives and close to forty dollars in gold, silver, and paper. I managed to get three holsters with their pistols, and one nice Winchester saddle rifle. Mike's men took the living horses, along with saddles taken from the dead ones. This time I stayed with Mike riding towards the rear, but we had no more trouble. Finally reaching Cheyenne, Mike sent a telegram off to Mr. O'Rourke stating that the delivery was completed, and was safe. I also sent one off to Montana stating that Everyone was safe, and that we would return as soon as possible. I found a decent hotel where I was able to take a bath and get cleaned up, tomorrow we would be going home. 

The End

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