Fish In A BarrelMature

I slowly bent down so my movement wouldn't attract attention. Checking my range card for the correct distance, along with the wind speed, I prepared to go to work. Watching the riders mill about, one man appeared to be looking for something, and I knew what. "Mine now sucker!" I started to look for their leader, then one man dismounted and walked up the bank and started watching for the wagon. I was pretty sure he must be the gang leader, but I would keep an eye on him. About twenty minutes later, the scout turned and shouted something to the other men, then scooted down the bank to mount his horse. No one else acted like the boss so I kept my sights on him. As the wagon got closer, I could see Mike had his men all out in front of the wagon so I knew I'd have to work fast.

I located center of mass on the guy and slowly pulled the trigger sending the man pitching off his horse. I didn't have the silencer on so Mike would hear shooting and be forewarned.

Now it was a free-for-all with their leader shot the men were looking to where the shot was fired. I just kept sighting on a target and pulling the trigger. Another three men went down before they charged up out of the creek bed now shooting in my direction. It was getting harder to hit them two horses fell as well, Mike was now close enough to realize what was happening, now opened fire on the outlaws as well. The remaining bandits tried to make a break heading back east, but by now Mike and his men were on them. Black powder smoke was clouding the air making it harder to sight on targets, I thought I had my next man dead on, but I ended up hitting his horse with both going down, he suddenly fell over so I assumed one of Mike's men shot him. Finally, there was just too much smoke to shoot safely, so I let Mike and his men finish things up. In another ten minutes it was all over. 

The End

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