They Just Keep ComingMature

We left out the next day, with me leaving an hour earlier. I checked in with Jake and Emma before leaving, she was up and already feeling a bit better. Jake anguished about not being able to go with me but I told him not to worry, his work was right here. The route south passed by Register cliff, where hundreds of pioneers had left their names carved on the rock. I added mine as well. "Mark Channing, 8-1876 carved deeply with my knife thinking that sometime in my time, I'd check to see if it had survived. I also took some pictures for later reference. With the Laramie Mountains rising to the west, the route before me was fairly flat with sporadic rocks scattered here and there. I checked everyplace thieves might try and ambush us. Dry creek beds as well as wet ones received my scrutiny. Things were looking fine until I started to check out Bear creek just north of Cheyenne. the creek was half of what it normally looked to be. What caught my attention though was that the bed was deep enough to hide riders. Getting off my horse I walked down the bank to spot several hoof prints as well as a nice Colt 1873 Army. "Mine now," I thought. Someone was concealing the fact that they had been down here by coming into the creek bed farther down the creek. All the tracks looked fairly fresh, so I mounted up and followed them until they came up about five hundred yards down the channel. There was a small bluff about two thousand yards off to the right. I managed to hide my horses and climb up to an outcrop. As I was situating myself, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, several riders were coming from the East.

The End

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