We Had A Chance of Going To The Army Or To JailMature

Before checking in with Jake or Mike I decided to take a stroll around the famous post, Originally built by fur traders in the 1830's Fort Laramie had seen it all. Taking photos whenever I could, I made note of the post as it was now. This was the army after the civil war. Many of the officer's, and senior NCO's had held higher rank during the war, but had to take a reduction in rank if they wanted to stay in. As I walked, I spotted a very special weapon sitting at one end of the "grinder" or drill field. It was a Gatling gun with what looked like a private and a Sargent guarding it. Keeping a respectful distance, I remarked,

"We had one of these in Tunisia sand kept jamming it up though, we never used it except for demonstrations whenever some Arab potentate came around." This seemed to puzzle the sergeant, his thick Irish accent asking me,

"And prey tell where is this Tunisia you speak of?"

"West of Egypt, on the Mediterranean sea." Now he was totally confused.

"The Mediterranean ye say?"

"Yep, spent almost five years there."

"Well me mum didna raise no fools, eye wasn't aware the army had a post there."

"It doesn't, I was a Gunnery sergeant in the marine corps. We had a small detachment posted there helping to deal with the "Fuzzy Wuzzies" The sergeant laughed, than went on to tell me the problems they had with theirs. I then threw a "teaser" out to him.

"Keep an eye on those Germans though, I heard they are working on something they call a machine gun that uses the gas from the fired rounds to operate it." The sergeant highly doubted this not being able to imagine how such a weapon like this could even operate.    

The End

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