Damsel In DistressMature

I went on to tell the lieutenant about  the ambush and the subsequent attack on Jake and I, and the wounding of Emma. He promised to check things out but  told me to check with the post surgeon if the woman needed care.

"The last place I'd take her would be to take her to an army surgeon , growled Jake, "maybe there's a hotel near there. We did find a small hotel just outside the post catering to civilians. The desk clerk started to make a fuss when we brought Emma in but Jake made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

"I'm her doctor," He growled, "This woman isn't going anywhere until she's fit to travel!" Jake and I took rooms on either side of hers, and when the rest of the men took rooms the hotel was full, something that calmed the clerk down. After we were squared away, I went in search of a telegraph office. The only one was naturally on the post, manned by a corporal. He started to make a big fuss about only military traffic only.

"How much for a wire up to Lead corporal?"

"Five dollars, but..."

"That sure seems like a lot," I replied, "Indians got the lines down or something?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"Oh, No reason. I've got a nice shiny five dollar gold piece along with three silver dollars that are begging me to spend them. On the other hand I know a corporal who would like to have a little jingle in his pockets tonight when he goes over to the enlisted man's club."

The soldier looked at me for a moment,

"Gimmie that telegram!" I then handed him eight dollars with the promise that he would send it on.

The End

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