Corpsman Up!Mature

Mike and his crew had to be alerted to this new situation, so I called a halt and pointed to the town

"We've got to warn the others or their going to get jumped if they try and go through town." Emma said nothing, but something wasn't right with her, but I couldn't worry about it at the moment. We then cut a wide loop around town coming close to where we had tried to camp the previous night. Mike and his men had broken camp and were just starting to leave.

As we stopped Jake must have noticed Emma,

"Mark! Something's wrong with Emma." At the same time, Mike wanted to know why we were back.

"That whole town was one big ambush, I think the guys who hit us last night were from there. Jake and I decided to stop there for the night, Just a little while ago, men came crashing through our room door as well as the window trying to kill us ,Emma over there had our horses waiting for us, the whole place was a set-up."

"Mark, Emma's hurt real bad, come and take a look!" I hadn't noticed in the dark, but now I could see that she had a bad black eye, and looked like she had been shot as well.

Jake then started to do what he did best, treating someone who had been shot. A couple men laid out their blankets for us to lay Emma on as Jake made a preliminary exam. Meanwhile, Mike was getting antsy about staying here.

"Leave her, we can't stay here, what if those men come looking for us?" Suddenly Jake was up and pointing his 9mm at Mike's head.

"This woman is badly hurt, if you want to go on be my guest but we won't be around to bail you out of trouble, we don't go anywhere until I say so, got that shit brain?"

The End

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