Rude AwakeningMature

"Motel six this is not!" exclaimed Jake, when we saw our room. "No damn TV, hell, not even a toilet."

"I think those are down in back," I replied, "This isn't even low budget European style."

"Do we do a bedbug check now or in the morning?" asked Jake as he stood frowning at the mattress.

"It was cheap," I replied, "What more do you want?" Jake laughed,

"I wonder how many husbands justified their choice of hotel or motel rooms to their wives over the years with a comment like that," chuckled Jake. "Well we've got five hours of rack time let's use it. Lying on the bed with all our clothes of we were able to get a modicum of sleep. but around three in the morning, something had woke me up.

"I heard it too," whispered Jake, "Someone's standing outside the door."

"Watch that window," I whispered. Jake slowly picked up his AK and very slowly charged it. I did the same with my shotgun, leveling it at the door. Suddenly the door crashed in, as I just started pulling the trigger, Jake did the same with his AK as two men coming through the door were propelled into the hall by continuous blasts of three inch twelve gauge double ought buck. In the meantime one man crashing through the window was cut in half by Jake's AK. We were out of the bed immediately reloading and grabbing our gear. The whole place was in an uproar, two men I had seen in the saloon were charging up the stairs but I took off both their heads as Jake and I prepared to fight our way out of the place. While Jake watched my back, we started down the stairs, the desk clerk started to aim a shotgun at me but he got a load of buck in the face for his trouble. We chose the back door to leave by, two men came around the corner but ran into a shitstorm of fire. Suddenly a woman's voice called out.

"Over here, they're watching the stable, get on, hurry!" It was Emma, mounted on a horse holding the reigns of our mounts.

"Hurry!" we saddled up and along with Emma, cleared town amid sporadic shooting in our direction. 

The End

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