Emma stared at both of us trying to detect a lie in what she was being told. Jake then said,

"It's all true Emma, I really am a doctor, in fact I'm currently teaching a young lady the medical arts. I know you probably hear lies everyday of your life, well today is the day you don't."

I-I-I don't know, I want to get out of here, it's terrible, Mr. Tate at the bar won't let me leave, says I owe him money, I..." I held up my hand,

"I rescued a young lady caught in a situation just like your in, in fact, she's the young woman Jake here is teaching, Melonie Bishop is her name. A man by the name of Swearingen wanted her to whore for his Gem music hall in Deadwood. If your caught in any kind of situation, we can get you out."

"Well there's a north bound stage tomorrow," she said, "But if one of Mr. Tate's men sees me getting on, he'll pull me off."

" Well, if you can hang in there for another few days we'll be coming back through headed north, can you ride a horse in a regular saddle," I asked. Emma looked at me and chuckled,

"Well I guess I can now."

"Great, we'll have a horse for you, if you have anything you want to take, have a bag stashed someplace you can grab it, we won't be waiting around." Emma then looked at me,

"I don't really know you, and you certainly don't know me, why are you doing this?"

I shrugged, and replied,

"When I saw you, I saw a woman with class, Montana is another woman with a lot of class, I should know, she's my girlfriend, we're building a place at Cheyenne Crossing, she's looking for women with class to work there. If you work for her there won't be any contracts to trap you, Montana was caught in that web as well. She want's women who will work for her out of choice, crazy as it may sound it's true. Working for Montana you'll have options, places like this you won't, it's your choice...Simple as that." By now her boss was getting upset that she was spending so much time with us.

"Emma, if they don't want a screw move on, and if you bummers aren't interested in drinking, move along."

The End

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