Would the "Duke" Have Done it This Way?Mature

While Jake and I were enjoying a beer, we let the bartender know that we were scouting for the army, and that about ten miles north of here men had attacked a small patrol we were leading. Asking us if it was Indians, I told the bar tender,

"No, it was white men," I replied, "We killed three, took one prisoner, however they managed to kill the lieutenant leading the patrol,his father is the top hinge at Laramie, now there's going to be hell-to-pay."

"Why would civilians attack an army patrol?" asked the bartender.

"I'm not at liberty to say, but we'll find the cowards that ran out on their pard's, they'll be dancing a jig at the end of a rope before long." Jake and I found a table where we could sit and observe the happy crowd. While doing so, a very attractive woman approached us and sat down, If she was a whore she was quite the rare one. Montana was quite attractive as well but she told me that she was very selective about who she slept with.

"Any of you men interested in a poke, for a little extra, I'll be glad to do both of you." Jake turned to me and said,

"I didn't think they did stuff like that in this time?"

"Well it looks like they do," I replied. "What's your name miss?" I asked.

She shrugged and quietly replied,

"Emma, but I'm not supposed to tell customers that." Thinking that a woman this attractive didn't belong in a shithole like this, I took a chance and asked.

"Listen Emma, I look around and I'm thinking that you don't belong in a place like this, hear me out...If you want out, get up to Cheyenne Crossing south of Deadwood. It's a coach stop tell them your waiting for Mark Channing or Montana Drake and wait, we're building a place next door. You want to talk to Montana, hear her out, if you don't like her offer, that's fine we'll see you get to where you're going, but she's looking for a couple young ladies who want to work in a decent place. Mark here is our resident doctor, everyone gets free healthcare it's a win win situation, I speak the god's honest truth.

The End

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