Situation ReportMature

By some miracle, no one on our side was hit, even any horses. Four of the would-be thieves were dead. I told Mike that the men who had taken off were no doubt going to ambush us at a later spot and might stop at the next town to recruit some bar sweeps for gun hands.

"Well that would probably be Lusk," speculated Mike, "Fort Laramie is just past there a little ways, I don't think  them feller's will be trying anything with the army so close." For some reason I had forgotten that the fort was down this way, it was one of the places I wanted to see while I was back here in 1876.

" Do you think there's a chance we could get an escort down to Cheyenne?" I asked.

"Naw!" stated Mike, "Them soldier boys don't ever do nothing for us, but your welcome to try."

"Well I was thinking about staying the night there, resting the horses. Maybe they have a patrol heading towards Cheyenne and we can tag along?" Mike chuckled,

"Worth a try I guess."  The men all wanted to see the fancy "gizmo's Jake and I could see in the night with a request we couldn't honor.

I'm sorry guys," We can't do it for reasons I cant go into right now, just be glad we are on your side." Rather than risk someone trying to steal our gear, Jake and I opted to ride on a little further to avoid temptation, I told Mike we were going to spot where the thieves might have stopped. Making it as far as Lusk, both of us decided to get a room at the only hotel in town. However before going to the hotel, We stopped at the saloon to take a look around.


The End

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