Hat Creek Ambush Pt IIMature

Shooting broke out all over, Mike and his crew were basically firing blind as they couldn't see their targets, so all they were doing was to force the would-be thieves to split up. Jake hat shot the two men that had come into camp I hit another one before they split up and started to fire back. I took refuge behind a medium sized rock, and although I could see the thieves moving around out there, I couldn't get a good shot at any of them. Deciding that my rifle wasn't going to be effective any more, I got over to where my horse was tied, and grabbed my shotgun from it's scabbard, along with a box of shotgun shells from my saddlebag. Making sure my horse was securely tied, I returned to the fight. Mike was shouting, his men were shouting and shooting, but no one seemed to have a plan. I managed to calm him down asking that he get everybody to stop shooting, the flashes from their guns were only destroying our night vision as well as revealing our positions.

"Jake and I are the only ones with devices that can see in the dark. We'll be right over there, get your men to spread out in a rough perimeter shoot anything they hear moving in front of them, I think there's only four of them now." Reluctantly, he agreed, calling for a cease-fire. I quickly got back to Jake who told me he thought he might have gotten one more. The thieves had stopped shooting as well and the next thing we heard was horses neighing and men mounting. It sounded like three or four men riding out in a hurry. I insisted that everybody remain where they were for another half an hour before we got up. 

The End

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