Hat Creek AmbushMature

Over chow, We talked about the journey so far, and what could be done to improve our chances to avoid being attacked. Apparently the two prisoners died on the way to town which didn't especially trouble me. Two men had been to  Cheyenne so I asked them as many questions as I could concerning what lay ahead. A lot of flat open prairie, and low hills, which would offer opportunities for ambush. The men offered suggestions and both thought the low hills would be where we could be jumped. I told them we would scout the area out and hopefully find them before they found us. Even though we were beat, I told everyone to get some good sleep as Jake and I would take turns at guard duty tonight. About fifteen minutes after the camp settled down Jake spotted two riders approaching. I wasn't wearing my night vision goggles yet  just my rifle scope. Keeping them covered  I told him to move on, we didn't want company.

"Keep an eye on him Jake," I whispered, "These guys may be a scout or a distraction."

"I started a careful scan behind , as the two men began to argue why they were being refused entry into our camp. Sure enough, I could just pick a number of images right at the limit of my scope, too far away to tell what exactly they were but I couldn't afford to take chances.

"Shoot them Jake," I said, it's a trap!" As Jake opened fire, the whole camp came awake fumbling for their weapons. I focused my sight of the distant images. Right away they starting riding towards us, my hunch had paid off,

"It's a trap!" I shouted, riders coming in!" as I kept watching the images became seven men on horse back. I picked off as many as I could until joined by the rest of the camp. The men coming in were trying to "storm" us but lead was really flying now.

The End

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