Nothing To Report SirMature

While we waited for our wagon to show up, Jake treated the prisoners. Both were in extreme pain, having both been shot in the chest were suffering from sucking chest wounds, neither  was in a position to talk much, however one asked where came from.

"We were here all the time friend," I said, "Are there more of you?" He weakly shook his head in reply. Shortly afterwards our people showed up  amazed just the two of us had taken out the whole bunch.

"Well take a good look," I said, "This is only one bunch, there will be more. I would suggest that someone take these men back to town, but do it quick, Jake and I are riding on ahead, from now on we'll just leave notes. We didn't know if they took the two wounded men back to town or not, since we were dropping time and had to get going. Mule Creek was another miserable collection of buildings, Jake and I stopped for a quick beer, and to gauge the locals. The saloon had a sad looking whore along with the bar tender and one local for customers. We let them know that  we were scouting for an army patrol, finished our beers then left.

"Do you think that story will work?" asked Jake as we were mounting up.

"Maybe not, but we'll keep planting it along the way, if it discourages even one attempt, it will have been worth it." I had told Mike Small who was in charge of the wagon crew we'd find a good stopping point and wait for them there. My map indicated that we were close to Hat Creek , and there was a small creek, which I located our camp on. I had a good view of the surrounding area. Around dusk the whole crew came in, I had a nice fire, and hot coffee waiting for them, something they weren't expecting, but seemed to appreciate.

The End

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