First RoundMature

After a lot of arguing and support from O'Rourke, people began to listen. Jake and I would act as scouts, leaving smoke signals, notes tacked to trees or posts and rocks piled in a noticeable way with a note underneath. "One more thing people," I announced.

"If I tell you to stop, that means stop until I or Jake tell you otherwise. More than likely, we're trying to clear out an ambush site." I was sure any attacks would come from the south while we  came down from the north, but you never knew. There was also a good chance that word would have spread more in the north concerning the bad luck criminals attempting to rob these shipments were having around these parts, but that could change. Jake and I got a three hour head start making most of the time. We didn't want to get too far ahead, but at the same time,   we wanted to catch a gang getting ready. Near Newcastle, there were some creek beds that looked suspicious, We spotted a lot of hoof prints in one along with wagon tracks. Acting on a hunch, Jake and I took up a position  about five hundred yards away, hunkered down and waited. Sure enough, a wagon came down the road and drove into the dry river bed. with our powerful binoculars we could watch more men coming from the direction of  town. the river bed was far enough from the road these people could hide in the river bed without fear of being seen from the road. We were pretty sure these men weren't having a picnic down there so once  I was certain they were all there, Jake and I opened fire. Since he didn't have a silencer I didn't use mine either. We fired so fast and with greater accuracy, the gang was decimated. When we moved up on them there were still a few left wounded, We kept two as prisoners until our wagon arrived.

The End

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