O'Rourke's GoldMature

Naturally Montana and Melonie were against us going, we fought about it, but they finally had to admit, we had an edge on these people. Both Jake and I were up half the night trying to convince them I knew what I was doing, this is what I trained for. Although Jake was trained as a corpsman, he'd been on enough similar missions he knew what was going on. I had planned on using him as my spotter. Giving their "approval" also meant  A little more attention in the bedroom, for which we were more than happy to oblige. Jake and I also reminded our ladies, that Caleb was around to help out around the place and run errands as well. Jake and I were going to be loaded for bear this trip, taking nothing to chance. The meeting turned into a real cluster fuck everyone thinking they knew how to do it. At this point, I didn't care if we went or not, finally having enough, I stood up and let 'em have both barrels.

"Listen up, everyone," I shouted. "If we don't get this thing squared away, all Mr. O'Rourke here is going to have to show for his efforts is a bunch of dead miners, and a stolen gold shipment...That! we don't want. Right now there's a similar meeting taking place somewhere, Hell! maybe's it's two meetings. These people are plotting on how they're going to steal all this gold, and I'll tell you one thing that meeting ain't no cluster fuck.

Mr. O'Rourke vouches for all of you, however if I get the idea in my head that  one of you is a spy I'll kill you out of hand, no warning, no trial just Boom! Now, here's what I've got in mind."

The End

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