The Jobs Just Keep Getting BetterMature

"Hey man," replied Jake, "I'm cool, no rules of engagement here." We took what we could from the guy, as well as his partners. We found brands on the horses so we couldn't sell them, along with the fact that they really didn't have anything worth taking.  It appeared that I was right, two bands of thieves had collided in the night, both thinking the other was us. Good for us, bad for them. We found a total of fifty dollar's in pockets, as well as some interesting firearms, rifle scabbards, and holsters. Keeping up a good pace, Jake and I were able to make Lead by late afternoon. Montana and Melonie agreed that the money from this job would be used for lumber and wages for two carpenters. after we were paid, he headed right to the nearby lumber mill to pay for a start  on Purgatory. O'Rourke had another job for us, this time it was riding security on a gold shipment from Belle Fourche clear down to Cheyenne. One group of men would guard the actual shipment while another would ride security ahead of the main body. There was to be a meeting shortly to work out the details. The bait was of course money...$150.00 for each man. That three hundred dollars  would get the saloon built.

The End

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