The Last Hard ManMature

As the gunfire raged, Jake wondered aloud,

"Do you suppose the guys we saw ride by intent on ambushing us, ran into guys already waiting for us?" Now there was an interesting idea.

"If that's the case I replied, the people we saw earlier might beven think they ran into us, but to be on the save side, let's just sit things out here awhile...See what develops." Dawn was starting to break , when I spotted two men slowly and deliberately working their way through the trees towards us. Clearly they were looking for somebody, most likely us. I pointed them out to Jake, about one hundred odd yards away. Quickly screwing on my silcencer,I started tracking them with my ACOG rifle scope. They were deliberately using the trees as cover, so it was hard to get a bead on them, but I was used to this sort of thing, but by people who were aware that there were snipers all around them. Suddenly my man made his first mistake, stopping thirty seconds too long between two trees. "Chug," and he fell off his horse. His partner turned and started when he fell as well, both never knowing where the shots came from. Suddenly a third man neither of us had seen went charging back towards . Jake let a long burst of fire rip From his AK. We heard a horse scream, then quickly mounted up and went hunting. The man's left leg was broken, and pinned under his dead horse. It was clear he was in a lot of  pain as we rode up. I grabbed his Winchester, and kicked his pistol out of the way. He looked at us with tears in his eyes.

"Help me, don't leave me here to die!"  

"OK," I replied, as I took out my .45 and shot him.

"Sorry Jake," I replied, I'm feeling pretty "Old Testament" lately."

The End

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