A Milk RunMature

While Jake and I were hanging around the rough little gold camp, I surreptiously snapped some photo's for later comparison with tourist trap, making sure to note prominent landmarks that would help me line things up when I was trying to compare in the future. Jake and I were also asked about the clothing we had on.

"These fatigues are of our own design, I told the interested  few. We wanted something that would blend into the woods And landscape more readily. One wag agreed, thinking the blue only made troopers stand out for the Indians better. The prospector's had two long, well made boxes for  carrying gold, but they also fit better on the pack frame, somebody was thinking here. It was shortly before dusk when we left, The nice thing about the trail we blazed was that we were able to get right up into the High country, making it that much harder for someone to follow. The moon was out, so we had  light to travel, plus our night optical's  if we needed them. We found a rock outcropping around three in the morning to stop and take a break in. Coffee heated over a sterno stove allowed us to refresh ourselves without building even a small campfire. While we were letting our mounts rest, Jake was keeping  a watch out with one of the optics when he let me know three riders were  below and moving past us. Taking a peek I could just make them out through the pines.

"The y might have been following us, I whispered, They'll either be waiting for us up ahead, or looking for where we stopped. Maybe we'd better just wait here for awhile." About ten minutes later, we heard a lot of shooting .

"Somebody's really catching it," I replied.                      

The End

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