Here We Go AgainMature

While in Lead Mr. O'Rourke let us know that there was another gold shipment he wanted us to "babysit." This time the gold was waiting in Rockerville, and I had to wonder if it  was the same Rockerville that evolved into a tourist trap. After depositing my saddle along with the money at home Jake and I geared up again, this time wearing our old marine corps marpat's or camo fatigues for those not in the know. O'Rourke told us this  would be a rather large shipment. Apparently the word was getting around that we got shipments through, and that this camp was using someone else but at the last minute, switched to Mr. O'Rourke. Rockerville wasn't all that far from,  Rapid City being over to the east of us. We'd been studying my topographic maps as of late, with the idea that while man-made features change over the years, natural ones don't. As a result, we thought we had a way to get from over there to up here without, attracting too much attention. Trying things out on the way over, I was pleased to see that there weren't too many places we could be ambushed at, although that could work against us if we were the ones doing the ambushing,

There wasn't a lot of steep climbing either so that wouldn't bother the horses or tire them out excessively. Making sure we weren't being followed, we set off for Rockerville. Arriving just around two in the afternoon we were greeted by a group of sullen prospectors who made it be known that they wouldn't;' truck with thieves and that we'd better watch our backs if we stole their gold. I asked them if a string of dead men would bother them. Laughing, and crude remarks indicated that it wouldn't. I told them about last time the man charged with shipping gold out of a camp wound up trying to steal it and only wound up dead for his efforts.

The End

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