A Day In The LifeMature

In bed that night, I asked Montana her opinion of Caleb.

"He came up to Melonie and me telling us he would be proud to be our driver. We thought that very sweet of him. Have you told him about where you and Jake are from, or anything about the future?"

"No," I softly replied,  "He's too young to understand just yet. I told him to keep his ears open, and to just pay attention around here. Oh, and talk to you and Melonie...But not to the point of distraction."

"That was nice," replied Montana, a note of irritation in her voice. By then, I was nibbling on her ear,  and caressing  her right Brest.


The next morning , Jake and I walked down the hill to Kelly's livery stable. We caught him  in his tiny office.

"That was a crappy thing  you did to young Caleb the other day." I growled.

Kelly was clearly very nervous, expecting us to do our worst. edging his way past us.

"When you run up there to lick Swearingen's boots, tell him he's a dead man walking, and that he'll never hear the bullet that takes him out." By now Kelly had bolted out the door and was running up the street. I didn't stay long, walking back up to the cabin.

Jake and me, along with Caleb loaded the buckboard with everything I had planned to sell, and started for Lead. There was a saddle maker as well as a couple decent gun shops

over there I wanted to check out. The southbound stage had already left so I didn't get a chance to wish the girls good luck, but we were all hoping for such.

The End

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