New Man on the CrewMature

We put up a tent for Caleb as well as an army cot and sleeping bag, Caleb liked the set-up, Jake built a fire under a large grate outside the cabin, where we eventually placed a water filled bucket I poured some dish soap into. We also had a metal tub with cold water in it that would be the "rinse cycle." While I took the pistols and rifle's apart, Jake and Caleb sloshed the parts around in the pail, running a bore brush and cleaning patches through the barrels and revolver cylinders. After awhile, we got a good system going, getting everything cleaned, oiled, and put back together. I told Jake we needed to get cleaning agents made just for blackpowder guns the next time we went to Cabella's. Caleb happened to overhear us, asking where Cabela's was, without thinking, he said, Sidney.

As we worked, I spoke to Caleb,

"Caleb...As you work for us you're going to see some mighty strange things. Your going to hear us talk about things you won't understand. You're a mighty smart lad, so I'm hoping that one of these days you'll figure it all out. When you think you have, just come to either Jake or I and tell us what you think, if you're wrong, we'll tell you, if your right,  you'll be in for a big surprise. Montana and Melonie know of this secret, listen to them ask them questions but not to the point of irritating them, if you're smart, the answer will come to you."

The women arrived home a little later that day, letting me know the three girls were fine and ready to leave tomorrow. I introduced them to Caleb letting them know we had a new employee, and that he would be available to take them to Lead for what ever they needed to do. That evening at supper time, I noticed that Caleb really chowed down, indicating that he hadn't been eating well lately. 

The End

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