New HireMature

The next morning after breakfast, Montana and Melonie took the wagon and headed over to Lead to check on the three girls. In the meantime, Jake and I started cleaning our weapons. About an hour later, a small knock came at the door. I opened it to see Caleb from the livery stable standing there.

"Well Caleb, what brings you here?" I asked.

"Um, ah, I was lookin' for a job...Was wonderin' if you folks might have something I could do?" Caleb stood there his head bowed.

"I thought you were working down at the livery stable," asked Jake.

"Um I was, Mr. Kelly fired me."

"Well what on earth for?" I asked.

"He's a friend of Mr. Swearingen, didn't like me talkin' with you folks, this mornin' I was helpin' Miss Montana and that other lady, he didn't like it none so he fired me."

"Well Caleb," I asked, "What sort of work are you willing to do?"

"Oh just about anything sir," he replied. I looked over at Jake who shrugged,

"Well Caleb you're in luck, We've got a bunch of guns need cleaning here,you give us a hand I give you a silver dollar, sound good?" the boys eyes lit up as he began to thank me.

"By the way son, you got a place to live?" I added.  his face dropped,

"Um no sir, I was sleepin at the stable, but now that Mr. Kelly's fired me..."

"Well if you don't mind sleeping in a tent for awhile, I'll set up one of our wall tent's out there, I've got a cot and sleeping bag to go with it you can sleep in it. By the way, can you drive a team?"

"I sure can sir!

"Outstanding! Well Caleb, you stick around here, I think we can use a bright young fellow like you. Do a good for us and we can be looking towards long term employment, how does that sound to you?"

"Gee thank's a lot sir," he replied, "You can rely on me."

"One thing son," I replied, "Never call me Sir, I work for a living, just call me Mr. Channing, and this is Mr. Brenner."

The End

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