Undisputed TruthMature

Caleb started telling me Swearingen flew into a rage when the rider less horse returned, and he saw what was painted on it's side.

"He started hollerin' cursing, and telling everybody he was a goin' ta kill you. I left, 'fraid he'd see me. I like you Mr. Channin' don't want to see nothing happinin' to you."

"I   appreciate that Caleb, just so happins I've got a five dollar gold piece, call it a "tip."

"Thank you sir," he gleefully replied, " thank's very Mr. Channing." As I was starting to walk back up the hill, I heard someone coming up behind me on a horse. Pulling my .45, I quickly turned to see sheriff Bullock stop.

"Careful with that Channing, I just came to talk." I quickly holstered it and apologized, but I had just heard that Swearingen was out to kill me. While we walked up the hill, I told him about the rescue of three young girls who had fallen for his false ad in a Chicago Newspaper, and how we had given them  money to get home.

"That was mighty honorable of you sir, he replied, "tell me about all them men getting killed?"

"Montana and Melonie talked those girls out of going to work for Swearingen, they decided to go with us, They told us at the station Swearingen would be pissed,and no doubt send men after us. Not wanting to be caught out on the road, we took cover in some rocks near the base of Sugarloaf Mountain. Sure enough, after they went tearing past us, they came back, on the hunt. Sheriff Bullock, I did what I had to do to protect ourselves. Would I do it again...You bet. I told you I can't kill Swearingen, and I can't, history reveals that that goddamned bastard dies an old man, I can't touch him, but nothing about the shitpiles that work for him." 

The End

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