Good Smaritan'sMature

We dropped the three young women off at the hotel giving them money for two night's lodging, for when the south-bound stage came through. I told them we would soon have coach and rail money so everybody could get back home. Montana had been talking to one of the local dance-hall girl's she had run into and learned that Dora Du-Fran had recently opened a whore house in Lead.

"I've known her since I first came to Deadwood," said Montana,

"Let me talk have a talk with her, she might help us with those girls." I gave all the money I got for a saddle, several holsters and a pair of saddlebags to the three girls. Montana returned with the good news that Dora had agreed to help if Mark would check her girls, as well as certain medical supplies. He and Melonie then returned to Dora's with Montana. In the end, those three young ladies had enough money to return home never more to roam.

After dropping Mark and the others, off including our gear and equipment at home, I took our new buckboard down to the livery stable near the base of the hill so they could hold it for us. One of the boys, Caleb Martin told me the town was in an uproar due to a saddleless horse that came into town and stopped in front of the Gem. It wasn't only that, but what was painted in red on the animal's side that caused Mr. Swearingen to start yelling and swearing, according to the boy.

The End

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