I thought of telling them to just leave, but Jake thought that might give them too much of a chance to split and flank us, so once more it was a blizzard of lead hitting them head on. I took out three before they started to break for cover. Jake hit one more and wounding another. The two then made a serious tactical error and found cover behind a pile of rocks. Jake tossed me the third  grenade of  four he had brought. While he poured a rain of lead down on them with his AK, I put the grenade right in behind them. The grenade had made a terrible mess so I told the women to not look, however Jake did something quite unusual, he made Melonie take a look.

"I know it's asking a lot Melonie, but before we continue with your studies, I need to see how you can stand up to death in it's worst form. If you'd rather not I'll understand." At first I thought she wouldn't do it, but slowly she followed him over to the rocks. As expected, she threw up, but she continued to stare. Finally Jake gave her a big hug and led her away. We managed to catch one horse, the other's ran back north obviously heading for home. I had a small can of red paint and an idea. While Jake held the horse I pulled the saddle off and painted on the horses side, "I'm coming for you fuckface" slapped it on the flank and watched it run home. We counted almost eighty dollars among this crew giving it as well as a little more to the three women. I told them the proceeds from all the men's  gear would be theirs to purchase passage home, but for now I'd take them to the hotel in Lead.

The End

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