Meet Mr. DeadMature

On the trip north, we discovered the three girls fell for the same ruse as did Melonie. Ellie Dyson was from Chicago, Klara Erikson from Milwaukee, and Olivia Kramer from Joliet. They remained very distraught at the thought of how close they had come to a fate worse than death. Right now our only thought was to get them to safety. Montana voiced her concern that the stage would beat us home and that Swearingen would dispatch riders to intercept us with the inevitable gunfight ensuing. She had a good point, his men could catch us alone on the road, kill us and take the women, probably Melonie as well.

It was fifteen miles to Deadwood, we figured the coach would be there in an hour, about twenty minutes for Swearingen to find out and send riders and a half hour for then to get to where we were. 

"There's a place at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain where we can make a stand," I announced, It's going to be close, but I think we can make it if we hurry." Montana put on the speed as I directed her towards the foot of the mountain. The spot I had in mind had a small rock berm we could hide behind even sheltering the wagon. As usual, Jake and I were heavily armed, if Swearingen came after us this time there would be no survivors

Sure enough, we could see a group of six riders thundering down the road towards Cheyenne Crossing,

"That Swearingen must be really pissed," joked Jake, I wonder if he thinks we're still down at the crossing?" Apparently his men did, about an hour later, the same group of men came back up the road riding much slower, and obviously looking for us." Chances are they know of this place," I said, "Get ready, shoot to kill, ladies, cover your ears."

The End

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