Old Mr. Do-GooderMature

"Mark!" shouted Jake, "The northbound coach is sitting down at the station with three chicks going to Deadwood to work for Swearingen, they think he's just looking for waitresses' and dance hall singers!"

"Montana, Mel, get in the wagon, we've got work to do," I called out. The coach was just getting ready to leave when we pulled up. Melonie started pleading with the girls to get out, and not continue their journey. Amid all the confusion, both women tried desperately to explain to the young women what was really in store for them. I told the driver to leave, which he was more than happy to do. Getting them aside, the two women carefully detailed who Swearingen really was as well as the truth about the Gem. this only resulted in sobbing girls who had no more money, to return home , or what to do next.

"Ladies, I want you to all calm down now, No harm is going to come to you, we'll take you to our place in Deadwood, it's going to be a rather tight fit on the wagon, with your baggage and all, but I think we can manage it." One woman sat up front with Montana who drove, the other two sat in the rear seat. Jake and I along with Melonie sat on the rolled up tents with everything else built up around us, I was glad I had that extra length added to the wagon. Once everything was all tied down we started north. 

The End

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