A Simple BeginningMature

The first auctions were over, we jumped the first hurdle, Kathy looked like she was going to work out, but time would tell. Before leaving, we bought a generator, a posthole digger, three rolls of barbed wire, food, a small refrigerator, and other things for the cabin, as well as a pair of long range radios, and last but not least...Plenty of ammunition. Before leaving Kathy came to me in tears,

"Thanks Mark for trusting in me, I won't let you down." we hugged before closing the security door.

Arriving successfully in 1876 I used the generator to re-charge the Wayback machine while transferring the windmill's power output to the refrigerator The wagon builder had finished , our wagon exactly to our specs including the need for only one horse. He suggested we use a large sturdy animal, but for now, I used one of the horses from the ones we rescued at the Twin Sister's battle. Two days later, we loaded up the wagon and the four of us drove down to our property at Cheyenne Crossing. We had bought two white canvas wall tents at Cabela's, so a camp was established  and cleared. Jake and I then set about cutting fence posts as well as digging holes. In the evening, we sat around the campfire with our ladies. From time to time during the day, people from the stage station would come by to find out who we were and what we were doing. The prospect of a saloon and medical facilities seemed to go over quite well. It took close to four days, but we got the land fenced and posted, as well as the buildings plotted. Now it was just a matter of getting the money for building materials. On the last day there, Jake happened to be down at the stage station when the northbound coach came in, he came running up to the camp with distressing news. 

The End

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