Born Free, Taxed to DeathMature

I was very surprised and pleased when everyone agreed to the terms, even Kathy,

"As your responsibilities grow the more you'll make Kathy," I explained. "This includes trust as well, you know the rules, follow them and my trust in you will grow, one "Aw shit!" and it's back to square one, understand?" Apparently she did, because over time she did take on more responsibility, even coming up with a number of good ideas. Melonie asked about the problem of not being able to spend modern money in 1876

"I'm aware of this problem, I saw it early on. The best we can do is this, and I'm going to have Kathy research this, but there are a lot of things you can use in your time, such as underclothing, food, fresh fruit as an example. Medicine, even outerwear, believe it or not, but there are companies that make old time clothing. If there's something you'd like pass a note to Kathy she'll check it out. but all that will come out of your modern money account. As we agreed, any money you make in 1876 is yours, as well as a share of any money Jake and I make." All agreed, I had Kathy copy off all the auction results, but then something dawned on me.

One more thing people, and especially you Montana and Melonie. Here in the future, there is a federal and state income tax, Jake, Kathy and I will have to pay it. I've got to see a tax lawyer about incorporating as a buyer and seller of antiques, Jake will be my partner, and for now, Kathy will be listed as an employee. the money we pay in taxes will have to come out of our overall account. spread evenly, it won't be that big of a bite. All the money you ladies make, you make free and clear, I wish that were the case for us but it isn't, and again, you will receive reports listing everything received and spent."

The End

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