The Spoils of WarMature

By evening, some of the guns were nearing the end of their auction dates, things were coming down to the wire, both computers were now focused on the auctions  with every weapon over three grand and climbing. Jake laughed as he reminded me,

"See what'd I tell you, cutting out over a hundred and thirty some years of wear and tear, those are very "low mileage" guns." None of the women could believe the astounding prices these things were going for.

"It's really amazing," I said, "When you consider that these are antique guns that nobody shoots anymore." In the next auction I had several boxes of unopened .44 cal ammo which I knew would go for a good price. It was shortly after midnight that the last auction closed, we had done very well for the first time out, almost $, Montana and Melonie were thinking in terms of 1876 dollars, not taking inflation into account.  "That's a hell of a lot money, said Jake, "But nowadays you can't even buy a decent house for that. A hundred thousand is starting to get into serious money, but hell, we'll take it. I then broke the news to Kathy,

"Right now, I'm counting you as a junior partner, sixty grand split four ways, however I'm carving off five hundred out of Jake and I's share to cover utilities and taxes on this place, that will vary according to the current tax situation Montana, Melonie, any objections if I take five hundred from your shares to pay Kathy? that's a thousand since she's only a junior partner at this point. Right now, we're all at fourteen five, but this will change every time we auction stuff off. I'll have Kathy run off copies of everything we auction, everything will be up front. Now...Each of us, with the exception of Kathy has an account at the local bank worth fourteen thousand, five hundred dollars, any questions?"

The End

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