"As much as I hated my Deadwood." confessed Montana, "Your Deadwood seems much improved. Even though I don't understand much of what I see, the houses are all painted,  and well kept. The streets are clean and paved with brick, I'm so glad to see that it has changed so much for the better." Before we returned home I stopped at a store and picked up a book about poker, giving it to Montana, I said,

"You might want to study this, the rules for poker have changed over the years, you wouldn't want to get cut short." Back at home Montana got interested in "Pawn Stars," while I cleaned guns. Later, Kathy showed me how things were going for several guns she had listed on a gun auction site. We had two Winchesters as well as the Springfield I had hit the thug with, along with three Colt.45's The Springfield wasn't doing as well as I had hoped, while the Winchesters were starting to get up there. The pistols were all over a thousand dollars, but I knew they could go higher.

Over on eBay, we had two saddles and a pair of saddlebags just starting out. It turns out Kathy was a damn good photographer taking good pictures of everything we were selling online. At one point she asked me,

"Do you think I could go with you sometime?"

"What, back to 1876?"


"Well you'll have to ditch all that "body art," and hide all those "tat's, for one thing. Back in time people do judge  you by your appearance, the subject isn't debatable, it just is. I kinda like the way you have your hair, but that changes as well, people will think your a whore, and you'll just cause all kinds of trouble. Look Kathy, I don't make the rules, things are as they are." 

The End

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